Saturday, September 22, 2007

BISIS on Wokshop


Few days ago, the BISIS team had a special occasion in Gedung Gerakan Pramuka Dewan Kerja Cabang kabupaten Batang to interview someone from abroad. We could find only one word to express our feeling, . Her name is Mrs. Sue Rodger, she’s from Liverpool England, however she has been in Indonesia since 1993.

Mrs. Sue is an ELT materials and training coordinator of Kang GURU Radio English (KGRE). She visited Batang for giving materials at English teachers workshop which was organized by Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Batang and KGRE. First of all, she introduced her self, then she told us about KGRE. Do you know guys, we had read a product of KGRE. Can you guess it? Good. Magazines. We could find them in the staff room, you may ask your English teacher and enjoy them. KGRE not only produce magz but also radio broadcast, Kang GURU connection club (KGCC), workshop, and many others.

Whenever she memorises Batang, she would remember with fish, tofu (tahu in Indonesia) and Gambyong (Javanese traditional dance), however she never tatstes megono (the tradional food of Batang made of baby jackfruit). She was very happy visited Batang because she could enjoyed her favourite food like fish and tofu.

In the afternoon, Mrs. Sue met the students from SMP, SMA and SMK. She invited us to have some English activity with fun. She gave us games, quizes and songs. She also gave the Kang GURU (KG) marchandise as the rewad. I and my friend got much. So Batang got KG marchandise flood, It made us happy ever after. We never forget Mrs. Sue, the closest foreigner we’ve ever met and also thanks a million to KG, you have given us manythings such as knowledge, prises, and your sweet memory. We hope you could see all of our friends here.

reported by Yati Octa Eviyanti

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