Wednesday, September 9, 2009

English Nih Yee 21

Learning International Language
By Isma X AK1

We live in modern era in anywhere. People communicate from anywhere in the world by any languages. We know all of us are different, including is the language. There are many languages in the world. Some of them are international languages as English, Spanish, Japanese, etc.
Learning international language is important for us. If we can speak international language, it can help us to communicate with other people in the world. The other useful if we can speak international are we can get any more chance to come in international world. And of course if our school is international school we have to speak international language everyday. It means we need international language so much.
In our beloved school Nesaba Vocational school, we learn one of international language that is English. Not only in vocational school but also in elementary school, junior high school and high school learn international school. Even some school was learning not only one international school but more that it.
Although our school learns one international language; it is better, guys. But I think be better again if we learn more international languages. Although we learn many international languages in the world, please, never forget to learn Javanese. It is our language, man.

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